Dear Customers

Thank you very much for visiting my online presence! I hope the treasures you will find within my hand-crafted product line will bring you a lot of joy and happiness. My passion for crafting art and handmade products was ignited when I started to sew dresses, design dress-shirts, and created hair charms. I am really enjoying crafting handmade gifts because I can turn my vision into a unique tangible product that will bring delight to its owner.

My business is a one-woman operation, I design the jewelry, order raw materials, craft the earrings, and carry out marketing and administrative duties. All my product lines are original designs. I care very much about using the best raw materials to make quality products that are comfortable to wear.

I strive to:

  • Make every design unique
  • Pay close attention to detail when I craft jewelry
  • Always consider my customers and their needs first

I believe that following these principles will allow my brand, Nori Serrand, to have a positive impact on my customers and community when receiving the jewelry. I really hope that everyone who is wearing my jewelry will feel all the joy and happiness I used to craft them.

It would be my pleasure to meet any customer in person and answer any questions you might have. That is why I also offer local pick up, in Victoria B.C., where you can personally collect your new treasure and do not need to worry about shipping costs and arrival time.


Japanese crane earrings



Nori Serrand

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